Who we are:

Quattro Power is a Canadian owned and operated Power Company located in Calgary, Alberta. Quattro Power generates private, off the grid, dedicated power. Our team is a consortium of industry experts. Skills include but are not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Generation/Power Production
  • Transmission/Distribution Design Experts
  • Environmental/Carbon Tax Team
  • PPA Sales Team
  • Business Development

Each member of the team believes in generating power and has a background extensively involved in those industries. Our commitment is to provide clients with the best opportunity for success.

What we do:

Power Costs both from a retail and distribution stance are escalating and will continue to do so Globally.

By generating private, off the gird, dedicated power, Quattro provides lower than grid/retail rates at attractive commercial terms.

Quattro accomplishes this by minimizing transmission and distribution costs. These efficiencies and savings can be from 30% to as high as 60% depending on the location and configuration profile. Quattro’s goal is to minimize these burdens, reduce costs and deliver a solutions that has an optimum environmental footprint.

Our goal is to privately produce dedicated power, and successfully engage clients across power heavy industries with reliable, affordable dedicated power solutions, with the stability of no additional fees that traditional integrated transmitted power cannot provide.

Blockchain technology is changing the business world. It has advanced businesses to more efficiently and effectively operate. With these changes brings an increase in the demand for data processing and storage. This increase in demand has a direct impact on how these businesses operate and their primary associated cost, is the cost of Power. Businesses need a more cost-effective solutions to grid power and Quattro Power is that solution.

Large scale Cannabis production is a target industry. These grow facilities consume enormous amounts of power to operate. We offer a much more affordable alternative to the retail/distribution system. We own sufficient land to accommodate these businesses and have the infrastructure to generate affordable power at their desired scale.

Transmitted Power Systems -

“The Grid”

Transmitted Power, “The Grid” system was built to provide electricity to the people for the necessities of life.

Innovative technologies related to cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, e-gaming, electric automotive, and other forms of super computing are putting enormous strain on the global power grid system.

With higher demand and decreasing opportunity for inexpensive power the retail power buyer will continue to see utility costs rise. These costs will play a dramatic role, impacting business operating costs, and future profitability. The current Grid system is not built for the ever-increasing global demand for data processing/storage and the power-hungry Cannabis industry.


  • Extensive Transmission and Distributions costs.
  • The legacy costs and regulation are a significant portion of power costs.
  • Inflexible term lengths
  • Variable and increasing rates
  • Inflexible locations, limitations and financial costs associated with tie-ins
  • Unattractive terms for long term fixed pricing contracts

“The Solution” - Quattro offers its Customers…

Dedicated Power based on long term fixed rate power contracts while doing the following;

  • Minimize capital costs by 30-60% of industry norms
  • The elimination of government oversite associated with grid power
  • Long term source of reliable power (> 20 years), grow with confidence
  • A secure PPA (power purchase agreement) with competitive rates and terms
  • Our locations are private, and when requested in the proximity of major cities
  • Ability to expand their business from 5 MW to more than 50MW
  • An all-in price per KWH that includes enough land to operate and expand your business.
  • Flexible Terms that can be aligned with your Company’s resources.

Contact Us

We are located in Calgary, Alberta. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us regarding power solutions in Canada.